Majority of respondent believes that email is NOT for official duties alone

E-mail coined from the “e” is an electronic mail used to send or receive messages via ICT devices or digital tools from one recipient to the other. It is one of the technological breakthroughs of the world where messages are sent over long distances without the use of physical letter writing or travelling far distances. According to a short online survey conducted among phone and computer users across social strata e.g. Age, Marital status, Literacy and Occupational status. 93% of the respondents who took part in the survey believes it is important to have an e-mail, although only 87% of these school of thought currently own an e-mail while the rest 13% does not correctly own one. 60% of those who own e-mail claim to either use e-mails for official duties or to send personal messages while 25% open e-mails for various online submissions including, employment, academics e.t.c. the remaining 15% indicated that they only need e-mails for their phone functions on Google Play Store and IOS utility. Apparently more than two-third of the respondents agree that e-mail is not meant for ONLY the people who work in an office. Source:

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